Dirtblonde gig review: Psycho Motel IX at The Kazimier, Liverpool

Dirtblonde at Psycho Motel IX, The Kazimier Liverpool

As is often the case when Dirtblonde plays in front of a discerning audience who’s open to the dark corners of rock’n’roll, our gig at The Kazimier in Liverpool early this month went down a storm! It was Psycho Motel’s 1st Birthday party and Dirtblonde’s last gig in 2011! It’s been a fun year, but despite playing gigs supporting some well-known bands such as Crystal Stilts, Vivian Girls and Tribes, few of our gigs have been as fun as Psycho Motel!

 Here’s what a reviewer had to say:

“…it was Dirtblonde who were starting the nights entertainment. A duo who have definitely come from the darker influences of punk and early rock. Heavily reliant on distorted, fuzzy guitar sounds and simple vocal arrangements. They reminded me of Joy Division, The Ramones, even a bit of the Strokes.

“The female vocals lead you on a bleak soundtrack to bad memories and you won’t come away from a Dirtblonde gig feeling elated in any way. But their brand of dark and sincere punk tinged rock is unique and I can’t help but think that, if Dirtblonde were in a club in NY in the eighties, then these would be more of a household name. That doesn’t mean that this band live in obscurity, far from it.

“Having played in various countries around the world, and gaining an underground fan base in Liverpool, Dirtblonde will be gracing the darker side of all of us for the foreseeable future.”

To read the full review about the rest of Psycho Motel IX at the Kazimier, please visit ManGoneBlog.

Psycho Motel IX photographs here.