Dirtblonde rockin’ @ Free Rock & Roll: Pics

Dirtblonde’s set at Mello Mello’s popular Free Rock & Roll night, last Thursday 16th February in Liverpool, was the band’s first gig of 2012 and it went down pretty well…perhaps a bit too well: it ended up in a unholy mess of noise, broken gear and blood. The audience, of course, loved it…

Lula rockin' @ Free Rock & Roll, Mello Mello, Liverpool

Lula rockin' @ Free Rock & Roll, Mello Mello, Liverpool

The set was more or less like Dirtblonde’s usual: short, fiery and loud, full of fuzzy guitars and dark moody vocals. When the band reached the last song, everyone seemed to be really enjoying it… except for Ivan, who had some technical issues with his gear throughout the set. Result: it was the cue to get really destructive at the noisy, messy improvisation finale that usually finishes off Dirtblonde gigs.

While Lula was kneeling on the floor abusing her bass,  Ivan proceeded to repeatedly bash his guitar on the floor and – accidentally – against his own head, resulting in a cut under his left eyebrow that bled profusely. The guitar was less lucky – much to the excitement of some drunken kids in the audience, who relished in helping Ivan to destroy it, by grabbing the broken neck of the guitar and beating it to bits, too!

Ivan abusig his guitar at Free Rock & Roll, Mello Mello, Liverpool

Ivan abusing his guitar at Free Rock & Roll, Mello Mello, Liverpool

Well… you could say that a Dirtblonde gig is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re going to get, haha. We certainly don’t aim to get that destructive all the time… we can’t afford it! But if you missed this gig, you missed some true, unadultered ROCK AND ROLL, like you don’t get to see that often. Because, let’s be honest, most other indie bands out there in the UK are too fuckin’ nice and boring these days!

Don’t forget to check www.dirtblonde.co.uk for upcoming Dirtblonde live dates.

All photos by Shay (Magicube77)