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Dirtblonde formed…blahblah blah who fuckin’ cares? And anyway, what’s the point of blowing your own trumpet? Our songs – that’s all you really need to know.

Unfortunately we can’t afford PR so you won’t find any words about us on most of the big press out there… well let them bother with lesser (but richer!) bands. Having said that, most people who DID bother with Dirtblonde had some kind words to share with the world…


“Poptones.co.uk have never listened to such unabashed bile of pure rock’n’roll scuzz since we’ve last put on Jesus and Mary Chain’s Psychocandy ‘Never Understand’. Dirtblonde roll around in drugged-up punk rock fuck you noise like they are the last rock’n’roll gang in town” Alan McGee’s Poptones

“Dirtyfilthynastyrocknrollfuckers” The Austin Chronicle, Texas

“Not many bands in Liverpool could be described as having true punk energy. Dirtblonde are one. Not falling into any traps of the poseur or pastiche, Ivan and Lula are the real deal: scuzz-loving, gritty noiseniks, with a live show that will floor you. Raw power, if you like…” Liverpool.com

“This is what we dream of demos sounding like – scuzzy, raw, and seemingly built upon total and utter boredom with everything. Dirtblonde are a two-sword rock’n’roll traincrash and we like them a lot.” The Stool Pigeon

“Dirtblonde’s raw, gritty noise punk is reminiscent of an era when punk wasn’t yet mainstream and there was no pop about it. Though they may not be household names yet, I say give it time. These Liverpool natives [sic] are bringing the raucous energy back to punk and will no doubt put on an awesome show at SXSW this year.” Austin Sound Check, Texas

“A refreshing pile of rock’n’roll scuzz fresh from the music scene. This duo have created an image of drugged-up grimy punk rock like no other at this time.” Tasty fanzine

“[Dirtblonde] have definitely come from the darker influences of punk and early rock… The female vocals lead you on a bleak soundtrack to bad memories and you won’t come away from a Dirtblonde gig feeling elated in any way. But their brand of dark and sincere punk tinged rock is unique and I can’t help but think that, if Dirtblonde were in a club in NY in the eighties, then these would be more of a household name.” Man Gone Blog

“Dirtblonde are playing a white-noise punk rock sound that is innovative, spikey and (as their name suggests) incredibly dirty… the band’s been receiving plenty of attention and it’s easy to see why.” The Mag website

” ‘The Hangmen’ is a superb bit of paranoid art-rock fuzz that realises the potential shown in their scatty early demo’s.  This single is wonderfully produced, raw, energetic and promises hangmen at your door coming to get you. Shades of Jesus & Mary Chain, early Nirvana, Mclusky.” iShotTheDeputy.com

“Dirtblonde operate in a twilight world where the canonical bands are not the Beatles or Beach Boys and their heirs but the Cramps, 60s garage punk, The Stooges, Pussy Galore, The Kills, mid 70s New York punk.  An imagined place where music can offend and inspire not simply end up as incidental music in a mall or on football highlights. And for this, and their winning ways with the primitive, primeval riff and hook, I salute them. Turn up the treble and pass the amphetamine please!” Is This Music?

“They look and sound like a cross between Sid & Nancy and Bonnie’n’ Clyde fed through a fuzz box. The guitarist looks like he’s been on a crash course of rock n roll behaviour with The Cribs…[he] ends up trashing the set, and smashing his guitar into a glass bottle at the entrance of the venue. They seem to leave the audience speechless.” – BBC

“[They] make an uncompromising noise and play chaotic gigs which often end with broken guitars, bruises, and blood. There has never been anything like them in Liverpool…” GIBSON.COM

“Dirtblonde are like a punk rock orchid. Shockingly beautiful, tragically delicate, and so immediate that if you blink, you’ll miss them“ Channel 4’s Ideas Factory

“Continuing the grand tradition of sleaze-punk merchants like Richard Hell & The Voidoids and The Jesus And Mary Chain…” The Fly magazine

“The term ‘cool’ has been expressively and adoringly chiseled into the marrow of Dirtblondes’ body of rock’n’bone over the many years of their loud, gnarly, scuzz shattering career. It’s fixated on every review, winking feverishly at hipsters everywhere with the stamp of approval that Dirtblonde are an official rock’n’roll dream. The real deal. Jagger. Iggy. Leather. Snarling.” Purple Revolver

“Their description: ‘This is Rock’n’Roll’.  Our view:  they could be right. [the songs] ooze with character. This kind of demo fills a void that label-released music can’t: only a nutter would release it, but it’s the kinda raw shit that we all need to hear” The Stool Pigeon

“Their drone-heavy skuzz-rock is raw punk noise, clearly inspired by Sonic Youth and the JAMC but also imagine the Kills with razorblades for vocal chords. Ivan and Lula (perfect rock’n’roll names!) end the set playing the pedals over dense feedback and rolling on the stage, which just seems to fit their style so well.” Soundsxp.com

“Far more abrasive intent than any NYC wannabe… you don’t have a Jack and Meg, you have more of Sid & Nancy meets natural born killers Mickey and Mallory. Lovely” ManchesterMusic Website

“Rather lovely, Jesus-&-Mary-Chain-meets-Ramones-meets-waah-waah-wankiland-guitar-pedal-masturbation blues. ..would make the perfect soundtrack to a film about a distraught and paranoid blind man, wired on amphetamines, looking for his lost dog and locking himself in various cupboards along the way.” iShotTheDeputy.com

“This is the sound of rock n roll. Fired up. Raring to go… This is how music should be made. This pushes all my buttons. This flicks the switch in me. This is music.” LostMusic

“Dirtblonde on the Topman Unsigned Stage [Leeds Festival] are far more divisive, attracting looks of adoration or disgust from passers-by with their scuzzy rock’n’roll. Arrogant (one fan offering them a CD is knocked back with the words “I don’t want it if I’m not on it”), bolshy, rough around more than just the edges, it’s the second most rock’n’roll thing to hit Leeds today.” RockMidgets Leeds Festival review

“Dirtblonde make a delicious racket. Fuzzy, scuzzy, bluesy, bruisy, loud and proud in equal measure. They were seperated at birth from the Kills and the Raveonettes are possibly their older sister. Theirs is the sound of breaking glass, of petrol, of late night walks in the city, of anger, of noise. It’s a glorious cocktail of glam, punk (New York not London), blues and the Velvet Underground. In an ideal world Dirtblonde would be on the cover of Heat and Paris Hilton would be washing dishes in hotels.” The Devil Has The Best Tuna

“A delicious slab of nasty rock scuzz… it’s the sound of motorcycle crashes, of bruised eyes, of existential rage and a yearning for glamour in a grey world” Kitten Painting Fanzine

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