Dirtblonde Token Rose E.P. Launch – in Pics!

Dirtblonde, live at their E.P launchIt was a sweaty evening.  It was great to see family, friends and fans (old and new – including a loveable wino who shouted “We love you!” and then said “I’m normally getting thrown out of here!”)

The set was short, comprising the songs off the Token Rose E.P. that was being launched (minus In Furs) plus two oldies.

Cakes were eaten, wine was drank, and everyone had a great time! Dirtblonde managed to create a really cool atmosphere with lights and projections on the screen, and the Chew Disco Djs Emma & Khalil made sure we all partied to a very cool soundtrack! Alas it was all too brief, but it was fun while it lasted.

Here’s some pics from Dirtblonde’s set (courtesy of Andrew and Jen):

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