New Gig! Dirtblonde Live Return with Wry at Jacaranda, Liverpool

Dirtblonde live at Jacaranda

Dirtblonde live at Jacaranda in June!

The world was getting bored so we couldn’t help it and had to sort ourselves out for another live comeback. Dirtblonde plays at Jacaranda on Slater St. Liverpool, on 3rd June. We’re pleased to announce that our Brazilian friends from Wry will also be playing! A great band with shoegaze and britpop influences. Support comes from a new Liverpool band, Food, who are definitely worth watching!

Everyone is too safe, clean and content in Liverpool right now… safe in their belief that the music scene is oh so great here but, sorry to say, we disagree.

No, we don’t belong and we’re happy with that. After all, we are still one of the only bands in Liverpool (the only, maybe!) truly influenced by Sonic Youth, Jesus & Mary Chain, Velvet Underground, Patti Smith… if that makes us outsiders then ok!

What’s wrong with people, here! Frankly, we don’t care. So don’t be boring and join us. Enjoy the noise. A luta continua…


Jacaranda, Slater st

Wednesday 3rd June from 8pm

3 quid

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Dirtblonde… Naked: Acoustic Gig During Brazilica Festival!

Dirtblonde will be playing a FREE, acoustic gig that’ll coincide with the Brazilica festival in Liverpool. No, this is NOT part  of Brazilica festival… not even part of the official fringe events for Brazilica. This is strictly “Off-Brazilica”. This is… the “fringe of the fringe”, and you can’t miss it!

Dirtblonde... Naked! Acoustic gig during Brazilica festival in Liverpool

Dirtblonde… Naked! Acoustic gig during Brazilica festival in Liverpool

It’s great that there’s a Brazilian festival in Liverpool. Brazil is cool! But as Dirtblonde’s very own Ivan can show, Brazil is not just about Samba and football, so we decided to give a Brazilian spin to our next gig (at Tabac on Bold st.) when we found out it’d coincide with the Brazilica Festival in Liverpool.

Dirtblonde (the only guitar band in Liverpool with a Brazilian person, btw) will be playing a rare, acoustic set, full of songs we don’t normally play live, such as Broken Glass:

We also decided to invite our friends Bird to play. This up-and-coming Liverpool band are returning with a new lineup and are sounding better than ever, so they’re well worth watching! And, to keep up with the Brazilian spirit of the weekend,  we decided to give a Brazilian flavour to the proceedings:

  • On the big screen, we’ll be showing Brazilian ‘Cinema Novo’ films from the 60s – the Brazilian equivalent of the French and English ‘New Wave’ of the time, which rarely get a showing in Britain!
  • There’ll be a 5-minute Portuguese lesson, so you can pretend to be a real native from Rio!
  • And during the whole event, we’ll be playing relaxing sounds from the rainforest…
  • Also, there’ll be FREE mix CDs compiled by Ivan, with a ‘Best Of ‘ the Brazilian music from the past 50 years, for the first 20 persons to arrive.

Space is limited so make sure to get there early and guarantee your place and free CD!


SATURDAY 14th JULY @ TABAC (Bold St. Liverpool)

FROM 7pm-9pm | FREE ENTRY!

View Event page on Facebook

Dirtblonde gig review: Psycho Motel IX at The Kazimier, Liverpool

Dirtblonde at Psycho Motel IX, The Kazimier Liverpool

As is often the case when Dirtblonde plays in front of a discerning audience who’s open to the dark corners of rock’n’roll, our gig at The Kazimier in Liverpool early this month went down a storm! It was Psycho Motel’s 1st Birthday party and Dirtblonde’s last gig in 2011! It’s been a fun year, but despite playing gigs supporting some well-known bands such as Crystal Stilts, Vivian Girls and Tribes, few of our gigs have been as fun as Psycho Motel!

 Here’s what a reviewer had to say:

“…it was Dirtblonde who were starting the nights entertainment. A duo who have definitely come from the darker influences of punk and early rock. Heavily reliant on distorted, fuzzy guitar sounds and simple vocal arrangements. They reminded me of Joy Division, The Ramones, even a bit of the Strokes.

“The female vocals lead you on a bleak soundtrack to bad memories and you won’t come away from a Dirtblonde gig feeling elated in any way. But their brand of dark and sincere punk tinged rock is unique and I can’t help but think that, if Dirtblonde were in a club in NY in the eighties, then these would be more of a household name. That doesn’t mean that this band live in obscurity, far from it.

“Having played in various countries around the world, and gaining an underground fan base in Liverpool, Dirtblonde will be gracing the darker side of all of us for the foreseeable future.”

To read the full review about the rest of Psycho Motel IX at the Kazimier, please visit ManGoneBlog.

Psycho Motel IX photographs here.

Dirtblonde gig at Static Gallery in Liverpool This Month!

Dirtblonde will play a special set at the excellent, indie D.I.Y. club night My Twee Box, at Static Gallery in Liverpool later this month.

The event takes place on Friday 30th September, and it’s only £2 to get in!

“My Twee Box” proposes to invite musicians and bands to perform with stripped-down acoustic versions of their tracks, so expect a quite different Dirtblonde set!

Everything will be melt in the box with some dreamy atmospheric pop and hints of electro fun at the bar of the suggestive venue Static Gallery…so do not miss the Friday launch at Static!

DJ-set by Luc & Pete: Breakbeat, Trip-Hop, Alternative Folk, Dream-Pop, Shoegaze, Psych-Pop, Madchester, Indie-Pop, Twee-Pop, Wave-Pop, Electro-Pop, Hypnagogic Pop, Chill-Wave, Glo-Fi

Also on the bill, Rachele Whatever and Esa Shields.



Dirtblonde Play Snub Festival @ The Masque this Sunday!

The Snub Festival @ The Masque is an event for some of the bands who have not been selected to play at Liverpool Sound City this year. Dirtblonde is one of them and we’ll bring 20 minutes of noise to The Masque loft this Sunday 22nd May. We’re onstage 5.40pm.

Snub festival @ The Masque

Snub festival @ The Masque

How apt! If there’s one band who’s been consistently snubbed by Liverpool Sound City, it’s Dirtblonde! Let’s see:

  • In 2009, Dirtblonde were the only one of the Liverpool bands playing at SXSW who were not invited to play at the Sound City showcase at the Austin, Texas festival.  Instead, The Lost Brothers, who entered the festival as an Irish band and are based in Dublin, were chosen to play at the” Best Of North West” showcase.
  • At the Liverpool Sound City 2009, Dirtblonde were indeed booked to play. That was the first and only time we ever played at Liverpool Sound City.  But no one bothered to contact us to let us know, and we only found out by casually browsing throgh the pages of the Sound City programme, when we saw that “Dirt Blonde” (sic!) were playing. They didn’t even list our site on the bands links directory.
  • And that was a shit gig… you’d think that after a triumphant SXSW, where we were probably the most praised Liverpool band (named one of the Top 8 UK “must see” acts by the local press, and having played at a more prestigious venue than the other new Liverpool bands, besides having DJed at a big magazine VIP party) maybe Sound City would pay a little more attention to us and treat us with more consideration – like the fucking good band that we are! But, alas that wasn’t the case.
  • To top it all – one of the first persons to play Dirtblonde on radio was KCRW’s Nic Harcourt, considered America’s most influential DJ. And guess what? In 2009 he was a Liverpool Sound City keynote speaker!!! So, in Sound City’s view of things – we’re not good enough to play at their festival, even though an influential DJ who they picked as keynote speaker thought we were good enough to be played on radio!!! Ridiculous!!!

And as if all these little things were not annoying enough…guess what happened at the School Of Rock event at Parr St studio, almost one year later? It was a talk about how to get your band to play at SXSW 2010 and…they mentioned Dirtblonde in the same breadth as the other Liverpool bands who played at SXSW,  as if Sound City and UKTI North West had anything to do with us playing South By Southwest! One friend of ours had to stand up and say “hang on a minute, Dirtblonde went to SXSW on their own!”.

So…it really pissed me off. These people never helped us and then wanted to somehow take credit for whatever little success we achieved on our own.

Liverpool Sound City claims to be a platform to showcase local talent, and here we are, once again ignored by them!  Dirtblonde are certainly better and more talented than many bands playing at Sound City this year…

Anyway. Sod it. Fuck Liverpool Sound City. Sure, I feel bitter and angry about them because they have been assholes to us, and a gig is a gig… it feels like we are missing good opportunities to show our music to new fans. But we know we don’t really need them, thankfully!

So if you’re in Liverpool, come and check us out this Sunday at the Masque! Entry is only £1 and we’ll rock the place…as usual.

Coming Soon: Calvin Johnson gig in Liverpool!

Dirtblonde are proud to announce we’ll be bringing Calvin Johnson to play in Liverpool again! The Beat Happening / K Records alternative rock legend will play at a Liverpool Calling event on Monday 2nd August at Leaf Tea Shop & Bar.

Calvin Johnson live in Liverpool!

Calvin Johnson live in Liverpool!

In case you don’t already know it, Calvin Johnson, via his many musical projects and record label, has inspired and influenced a lot of indie rock artists including Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love, Beth Ditto, Sonic Youth and Beck, besides kick starting the Riot Grrl movement. (and, lest we forget, inspired Dirtblonde too, who regularly cover the Beat Happening’s Black Candy – watch video)

Calvin Johnson loved playing in Liverpool when we first brought him here a couple of years ago, and now he’s returning for his only North West gig, so don’t miss this unique opportunity to watch a true indie legend!

Best of all – this is a All Ages gig, kids!

Where: Leaf Tea Shop & Bar (27 Parliament St, Liverpool)

When: Monday 2nd August.

Doors 7pm, entry £6. Calvin Johnson will be onstage at 8pm, sharp! Support from Tom George and Emily & The Faves. Dirtblonde DJ set only. PLEASE NOTE: DOORS ONLY, NO TICKETS WILL BE ON SALE SO MAKE SURE TO GET THERE EARLY!

Abandon Normal Devices gig! Dirtblonde play The Long Night of the AND Festival @ Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool!

Dirtblonde will be doing a very special set at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool this month, as part of the Long Night of the AND (Abandon Normal Devices) Festival.

The Long Night of the AND festival...

The Long Night of the AND festival...

After our ace Andy Warhol’s Factory gig in Manchester last month (considered to have been one of our best!) we’ll tone things down and once again do something quite different than usual gigs.

We’ll be mixing poetry with electric guitars and play some acoustic songs, including ones we’ve never done before.  Influences/ inspiration for this set includes Terrence Malick’s Badlands film, Link Wray, Patti Smith and Joy Division, amongst other things.  

Lula will be reading some extracts from her debut poetry collection, At three o’clock I think of sex and death, recently launched at an event at the Bluecoat gallery (click here for more info about this release) 

Because this gig will be quite different than the usual Dirtblonde set, we decided to call ourselves Malcontents for this event. It’s still Ivan, Lula and a drum-machine…but different. So come and don’t miss this one-off gig!

Ivan and Lula will turn into Malcontents for one night only...

Ivan and Lula will turn into Malcontents for one night only...

In addition to all this, Ivan will be the DJ for the night, providing some cool, atmospheric sounds (expect stuff like Air, Stereolab, Serge Gainsbourg, Radiohead, etc…)


The Long Night of the AND Festival, @ Walker Art Gallery, William Brown St. Liverpool. Thursday 24th September, from 5pm.  FREE ENTRY!

Other acts will also be performing, and it’ll be a great opportunity to preview the new Bridget Riley: Flashback exhibition!