Token Rose video now on YouTube

We’ve put Token Rose, from our Token Rose EP (available on Spotify, iTunes and bandcamp) now on YouTube. It’s not a “new” video proper, just assembling live footage from other videos… all very lo-fi! We don’t have a budget nor friends who can do cool videos for us haha.

We just wanted to put the song out there… you know… we’re still here, still trying to do something better and with more personality than the boring indie music most bands seem to do these days, in Liverpool as much as elsewhere. If you know any other band who’d do a song like Token Rose, with its alternate guitar tuning no-one else has ever used, rhythm track created with circuit-bent kids’ keyboard, moody vocals and which is heavy and rock’n’roll, do let us know! We’re not trying to sound like anything or anyone else – we’re just us and it’s fuckin’ good enough!

You get the picture.

Enjoy the darkness, anyway! And play it LOUD, mofos!


New Gig! Dirtblonde Live Return with Wry at Jacaranda, Liverpool

Dirtblonde live at Jacaranda

Dirtblonde live at Jacaranda in June!

The world was getting bored so we couldn’t help it and had to sort ourselves out for another live comeback. Dirtblonde plays at Jacaranda on Slater St. Liverpool, on 3rd June. We’re pleased to announce that our Brazilian friends from Wry will also be playing! A great band with shoegaze and britpop influences. Support comes from a new Liverpool band, Food, who are definitely worth watching!

Everyone is too safe, clean and content in Liverpool right now… safe in their belief that the music scene is oh so great here but, sorry to say, we disagree.

No, we don’t belong and we’re happy with that. After all, we are still one of the only bands in Liverpool (the only, maybe!) truly influenced by Sonic Youth, Jesus & Mary Chain, Velvet Underground, Patti Smith… if that makes us outsiders then ok!

What’s wrong with people, here! Frankly, we don’t care. So don’t be boring and join us. Enjoy the noise. A luta continua…


Jacaranda, Slater st

Wednesday 3rd June from 8pm

3 quid

View Facebook event page

FILM NOISE night at Sound! Playing only film soundtracks!

FILM NOISE night at Sound! Playing only film soundtracks!

Ivan will be DJ-ing some cool soundtrack music, as well as doing a live set with the ever enigmatic Esa Shields. The duo will be scoring a projection of classic FW Murnau film, Faust (1926) using keyboards, synths, tape loops, copicat echoes etc. That weekend It’ll also be Sound Food & Drink 1st Birthday, so come to this event and let’s start to celebrate early!!!

Dirtblonde gigs with The Shondes (Brooklyn)

Dirtblonde are playing two gigs with ace band The Shondes, from Brooklyn, in the next few days.

The Shondes + Dirtblonde gigs in Liverpool and Manchester

The Shondes + Dirtblonde gigs in Liverpool and Manchester

Dirtblonde and The Shondes were booked to play together a few years ago at Canada’s very own “South By Southwest”-style festival, the  North By Northwest festival (also known as NXNE), but we couldn’t do it due to lack of funds, because we had already gone to Austin’s SXSW that same year!

So, it’s great that our paths have finally crossed! The Shondes are a really cool punk band who’ve been praised by Picthfork, MTV, Entertainment Weekly and many others, and who are playing in Liverpool for the very first time…

First off, our bands will join Mashemon and So Sexual for a gig at the new Lomax in Liverpool, next Friday 19th October. Doors 8pm, only £3 in! It’ll be an amazing night with film projections, DJ and four ace bands… if you’re around, don’t miss it!

Next, Dirtblonde and The Shondes will support Spotlight Kid at TROF Fallowfield in Manchester, on Thursday 25th October. Doors 8pm, only £3 in!

View Facebook event here:

Drone & Spoken Word for National Poetry Day!

To celebrate today’s National Poetry Day, Dirtblonde have decided to make a new track available, called ‘Your Story’. It mixes Ivan’s dronescape with Lula’s dark poetry. The original poem featured on Lula’s first poetry collection, At 3 o’clock I think of sex and death.

Dirtblonde’s next gig in Liverpool will take place at The Lomax later this month, on Friday 19th October, supporting The Shondes (from Brooklyn, NY). Also on the bill, So Sexual and Mashemon.

Mello Mello Liverpool Faces Closure!

Oh, shameful news. The Liverpool City Council strikes again… just a few days after we put a night there (coincidence of course, ha!)

Dirtblonde live at Mello Mello, Liverpool

Dirtblonde live at Mello Mello, Liverpool

Today’s post was supposed to be just a quick round up of Dirtblonde’s latest gig, which took place at Mello Mello in Liverpool, last Wednesday. But just last night, news came in that the popular venue is now facing closure, thanks to the Liverpool City Council, who once again seems hell-bent on destroying all that’s fun, bohemian and non-corporate in Liverpool.

Just a few days ago, we had a great time there, putting the latest Dirtblonde gig. We were supported by two ace bands – Beach Skulls, and SeaWitches (who just keep getting better and better!). We had some cool film projections, psychedelic lights and everyone seemed to have a great time.

Afterwards, an influx of happy drunk students flooded Mello Mello, all dancing to the “Dirtblonde Sound System” DJ playlist, which included Azaelia Banks’ ‘212’ (we just GOT to always play it!!!), Wugazi (‘Sleep Rules All Over Me’), Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd (‘Candy And A Currant Bun’), Lee Hazelwood & Nancy Sinatra (‘Some Velvet Morning’) and lots of the usual (for us) obscure 60’s French psych, which I’m obssessed with at the moment!

In short – it was great, cheap fun, that could only have happened in Mello Mello, a place that was cheap for us to hire, with good sound and a friendly staff.

We had many good times there (usually at Pete Bentham’s Free Rock & Roll…) and it’s a shame that now it’s seriously facing closure. We hope that the artistic community in Liverpool will once again fight – and beat – the Liverpool City Council! As  the Keep Streets Live campaign showed, when people get together for a good cause, we can fight the law and win!

 We urge anyone reading this to sign the Mello Mello petition, to stop Liverpool City Council from closing the venue!

Finally, here’s a statement from Mello Mello: ‘Liverpool City Council is set to force MelloMello CIC out of business. We will NOT let this happen.

We will fight Liverpool City Council’s unjustified and unexpected decision to slash our business rates relief from 80% to 0%, to demand £30,000.00 a year and force MelloMello into administration. We intend to explore every possible avenue available to us as Liverpool City Council have left MelloMello CIC, its employees, its customers, its users, its local community with nothing left to lose other than everything.

MelloMello was founded, run and staffed by volunteers who have turned a previously derelict building into a vibrant artistic hub of activity and business. The closure of MelloMello will result not only in the loss of facilities for grassroots artistic endeavours but also the loss of over 20 jobs, the loss of trade for other local independent businesses, and the loss of income of ANY business rates for the Council.

MelloMello has never received funding, grants, sponsorship or investment in order to grow. The success of MelloMello is that it has grown out of, quite literally, nothing into one of the city’s favourite bars/restaurants/venues.

‘For the Council to force MelloMello out of business by taking away the only charity it has ever relied upon sends out a clear message of cultural indifference, a blatant lack of acknowledgement for the people who have managed to build a sustainable not-for-profit business out of nothing, and serves as yet another affront to Liverpool’s musical, artistic and creative communities.

MelloMello is worth saving, because once it is gone you will never see anything like it again.

We must ACT NOW to SAVE MELLOMELLO, we must let Liverpool City Council know that MelloMello WILL NOT CLOSE DOWN without a FIGHT.


Victory for Liverpool Buskers!

The Liverpool City Council has scrapped their stupid busking policy, thanks to the efforts by the Keep Streets Live campaign, led by Johnny “Total Legend” Walker!

Earlier in July, Ivan joined a host of busking and non-busking musicians, on the first of many protests against the now defunct policy. It’s really great to see that when people get together, they can fight the law…and win!

Dirtblonde + SeaWitches + Beach Skulls live at Mello Mello this week!

Dirtblonde play at Mello Mello Liverpool

How come no one in Liverpool has thought about this before? Putting these three bands –  three of the best and most unique guitar bands in Liverpool, we think! – to play on the same bill: Dirtblonde, SeaWitches and Beach Skulls.

Well, that’s exactly what’s happening this Wednesday at Mello Mello (Slater Street, corner by Parr Street) and fans of guitar music can’t miss this!

After all, this will be a very special bill, featuring sonic delights far superior to the usual safe, cliched indie that dominates most guitar music in the North West. Dirtblonde will bring our usual Sonic Youth-meets-Suicide-meets-Patti Smith noise; SeaWitches offer their very special blend of dark, psych guitar music; and Beach Skulls will open proceedings with their lo-fi surf music inspired by Link Wray (and approved by Ken Dodd!)

Add to this: cool film projections, psychedelic lights and the ‘Dirtblonde Sound System’ pumping some ace tunes through Mello Mello’s PA, all for the modest entry fee of £4, and you have all you need for a memorable evening.

If you’re in Liverpool this Wednesday 19th September, don’t miss this gig – after all, it’s not just Liverpool Biennial and the usual Freshers Week carnage going on this week… But some excellent rock’n’roll, too!

Dirtblonde + SeaWitches + Beach Skulls
Live at Mello Mello (Slater st.)
Doors 8pm / £4 entry

Facebook event page:


Dirtblonde Gig at Liverpool Fringe Festival 2012!

August is shaping up to be a fun month for us, after all! It started with Ivan’s ace DJ set at the Kazimier Garden, and will end with a Dirtblonde gig at Mathew Street Festival’s more interesting fringe event, the Liverpool Fringe Festival 2012.

Dirtblonde are set to rock Liverpool Fringe Festival, during Mathew Street Festival 2012

At the Kazimier Garden earlier this month, Ivan made the crowd get up and dance like rarely seen there before… by playing a really fun DJ set that included anything from Brian Jonestown Massacre, Black Lips and Thee Oh Sees, to Brigitte Bardot, Rolling Stones and newer songs from the likes of Santigold and Azealia Banks. Even John Maus got a nod. That’s how cool it was, haha!

Next, Dirtblonde are going to shake up things a bit at Baa Bar (7 Myrtle Street, near the Liverpool Comunity College) on August Bank Holiday Monday, 27th – a date Mathew Street Festival decide to celebrate as “Merseybeat Monday”!!! Well, there’ll be no old men wearing wigs at the Baa Bar, baby.

liverpool fringe festival 2012 poster

Despite Dirtblonde being one of the few Liverpool bands who have ever played at some of the most prestigious festivals in the world such as Leeds Festival and South By Southwest (in Austin, Texas), Mathew Street Festival has never been interested in booking us… so it’s great to finally be able to play during that busy weekend, as part of the increasingly popular Liverpool Fringe Festival!

Punters not interested in tribute acts such as Blurasis, Amy Housewine and Viva Santana will be in for a treat, because for the first time Dirtblonde will be sharing the bill with the excellent The Temps (signed to Liverpool’s Antipop records) so this should be a pretty ace rock’n’roll night, and the popular Liverpool site Sevenstreets has already mentioned Dirtblonde as one of the gigs to watch, cool!

Dirtblonde plays Liverpool Fringe 2012 @ Baa Bar (7 Myrtle St.) on Monday 27th August (Merseybeat Monday). Doors 8pm. FREE ENTRY! View Facebook event page