Token Rose video now on YouTube

We’ve put Token Rose, from our Token Rose EP (available on Spotify, iTunes and bandcamp) now on YouTube. It’s not a “new” video proper, just assembling live footage from other videos… all very lo-fi! We don’t have a budget nor friends who can do cool videos for us haha.

We just wanted to put the song out there… you know… we’re still here, still trying to do something better and with more personality than the boring indie music most bands seem to do these days, in Liverpool as much as elsewhere. If you know any other band who’d do a song like Token Rose, with its alternate guitar tuning no-one else has ever used, rhythm track created with circuit-bent kids’ keyboard, moody vocals and which is heavy and rock’n’roll, do let us know! We’re not trying to sound like anything or anyone else – we’re just us and it’s fuckin’ good enough!

You get the picture.

Enjoy the darkness, anyway! And play it LOUD, mofos!


Token Rose – Out on Spotify!

One of the pains of being a small indie band is that sometimes things take a little bit longer to happen… and only now our 5-track EP from last year, Token Rose, made its way to Spotify!

Well, what are you waiting, then? Check it out, playlist it and share with your friends!

More American Coverage for Dirtblonde!

It seems there’s already some buzz about Dirtblonde playing South By Southwest 2009… in Austin, Texas itself!


The Austinsoundcheck blog has written a little feature about the band!

Check it out here.

That’s great – Dirtblonde seems to be the first British band playing SXSW to be written about in their local press!

The South by Southwest music festival takes place in March 2009, between the 18th and 22nd, but actual performances dates are yet to be announced – so keep yr eyes peeled because we’ll let you know about Dirtblonde’s actual performance dates/times as soon as we know!