Dirtblonde + SeaWitches + Beach Skulls live at Mello Mello this week!

Dirtblonde play at Mello Mello Liverpool

How come no one in Liverpool has thought about this before? Putting these three bands –  three of the best and most unique guitar bands in Liverpool, we think! – to play on the same bill: Dirtblonde, SeaWitches and Beach Skulls.

Well, that’s exactly what’s happening this Wednesday at Mello Mello (Slater Street, corner by Parr Street) and fans of guitar music can’t miss this!

After all, this will be a very special bill, featuring sonic delights far superior to the usual safe, cliched indie that dominates most guitar music in the North West. Dirtblonde will bring our usual Sonic Youth-meets-Suicide-meets-Patti Smith noise; SeaWitches offer their very special blend of dark, psych guitar music; and Beach Skulls will open proceedings with their lo-fi surf music inspired by Link Wray (and approved by Ken Dodd!)

Add to this: cool film projections, psychedelic lights and the ‘Dirtblonde Sound System’ pumping some ace tunes through Mello Mello’s PA, all for the modest entry fee of £4, and you have all you need for a memorable evening.

If you’re in Liverpool this Wednesday 19th September, don’t miss this gig – after all, it’s not just Liverpool Biennial and the usual Freshers Week carnage going on this week… But some excellent rock’n’roll, too!

Dirtblonde + SeaWitches + Beach Skulls
Live at Mello Mello (Slater st.)
Doors 8pm / £4 entry

Facebook event page: http://www.facebook.com/events/447382738628947