Mass Protest Busking in Liverpool!

Ivan was one amongst the many Liverpool musicians who took over Church Street in Liverpool, outside Primark, for a Mass Communal Busk to Celebrate Liverpool’s Street Culture.

Busking Protest in Liverpool, outside Primark on Church street

Busking Protest in Liverpool, outside Primark on Church street

One of the (few) advantages of being a jobless bum like Ivan, is that you are freely available to join mass protests in the afternoon, when a friend calls you.

This is what happened today, when friend and well-known street busker Tom George (who played with Dirtblonde on many occasions over the years) contacted Ivan asking him to join this fun (but quite serious) event!

Besides many talented regular buskers like Tom, a few non-busking musicians from the Liverpool music scene joined in, besides Ivan… such as Emily from Stealing Sheep, Parabhen Lad from Long Finger Bandits, and a host of other people from Mello Mello, Kazimier etc!

Everyone had a great time, singing songs by The Beatles, Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones (Ivan was quite excited to learn how to play The Last Time, btw!)

This peaceful and fun event was organized by one of the best buskers around, Jonny Walker (follow him on Twitter) who knows very well just how ridiculous the new, restrictive Liverpool City Council’s rules regarding busking really are.

Ironically, the protest made the point beautifully – because of it’s very nature, this mass busking was louder and more disruptive than the ordinary busking that goes around daily in Liverpool’s City Centre! And yet… the crowds who gathered enjoyed it and everyone had a great time!

To sign the Keep Spontaneous Street Performance Alive petition click here.

For more info about the going ons at the protest and video interviews with Jonny Walker and Tom George, click here