Dirtblonde’s music now available on Bandcamp.com!

Another easy way to get Dirtblonde music is to go straight to http://dirtblonde.bandcamp.com/ where you can buy exclusive versions of our debut EP White Noise, Rubber Heart and last year’s single Brooklyn / White Horses. Both releases are available in digital and physical formats.

Dirtblonde White Noise, Rubber Heart

Dirtblonde's White Noise, Rubber Heart CD, available from Bandcamp.com alongside its digital version

The exclusive download version of White Noise, Rubber Heart on bandcamp includes the album artwork and the video of The Hangmen in the digital package. The EP is also available as a CD (with free digital download included in the price)

As for Brooklyn / White Horses, you can download the single for free, or buy the limited-edition cassette tape!

What are you waiting for? Visit http://dirtblonde.bandcamp.com/ now!