Dirtblonde Glaston Ferret gig coming soon!

If you live near Preston, don’t miss this opportunity to attend another exciting Dirtblonde gig! We’re playing at the Glaston Ferret 2010, at the well-loved Mad Ferret. It is a bit…well, mad!

Glaston Ferret at Mad Ferret, Preston

Glaston Ferret @ Mad Ferret…mad!

As you can see on the pic above, the organisers do their best to conjure a festival vibe, with not only tonnes of turf but also barbecue, tent and silly hats.

This may not be Glastonbury…but sounds just as fun!Other Liverpool acts playing at the festival include the ace Pete Bentham & The Dinner Ladies, and erm…The Sound Of Guns (guess every festival needs an “anthemic” shit band, eh?)For more details visit Glaston Ferret 2010 on Facebook.