‘White Noise, Rubber Heart’ Digital Re-Release!

Dirtblonde’s debut 6-track EP/mini-album ‘White Noise, Rubber Heart’ is finally available in digital format.

‘White Noise, Rubber Heart’ finally gets a digital release and is now available (with one bonus track – Pretty) from iTunes , CD Baby and, soon, all other major download sites.

The album shows Dirtblonde influenced/inspired by the music of Jesus & Mary Chain, Sonic Youth, Patti Smith and Velvet Underground, but still managing to create their own sound.  It was described as “A refreshing pile of rock’n’roll scuzz …It relives the punk rock era with surprising ease and delicacy, mixing the sound of breaking bones and smashing faces with sophisticated glamour.” (Tasty Fanzine).

Another reviewer called Dirtblonde “twisted geniuses in the making”.

‘White Noise, Rubber Heart’  was mostly recorded at home in Liverpool, on a portable 8-track recorder, with vocals recorded in the kitchen and drum tracks in the bathroom (it had a great reverb!). This is D.IY. rock’n’roll! The only exceptions were ‘The Hangmen’ (recorded in Leicester) and ‘Pretty’ (recorded in sunny Rio de Janeiro).

Download White Noise Rubber Heart today, and get ready for Dirtblonde’s next new release, the Brooklyn/ White Horses single, out 19th April!

About the original 2007 release:

The album was originally released in May 2007 on Filthy Little Angels, as a split CD-R with The Leatherettes, featuring a B&W hand-stamped cover. Some copies  may still be available – Check the FLA website.

Dirtblonde launched the album with an in-store gig at the (then) new HMV store on Bold St, Liverpool – the third act to play there, after Maximo Park and The Wombats!