Back due to popular demand! ‘The Hangmen’ 3-track download single!

Dirtblonde’s critically acclaimed 2005 free download single is now available again, due to popular demand!

Download The Hangmen 3-track single now!

Since then, Dirtblonde has gathered more fans but the single itself, with the original artwork and the two scuzzy demos recorded in Toxteth, Liverpool (‘Superfan’ and ‘I’m Tired’) has not been available for a while, so most people don’t have it! (please note: the 3 tracks can also be downloaded, sans artwork, from the website)

‘The Hangmen’ was recorded on one hazy night, back in 2004, in a recording studio in Leicester, of all places.

Released early 2005 when Dirtblonde returned from a tour in Brazil, ‘The Hangmen’ instantly became Dirtblonde’s key track, and was played on XFM,  BBC Radio One and BBC Radio 6, being called “one of the loudest records of the year so far” by John Kennedy (XFM). Other legendary DJs who also played the single include Steve Lamacq and Nic Harcourt of KCRW in California.

Alan McGee of Creation Records fame, also played ‘The Hangmen’ on his BBC radio show,  and compared Dirtblonde to The Jesus And Mary Chain.

Whereas other recent Liverpool bands may have been hyped up only to split up soon after, Dirtblonde have remained in the underground, and slowly but surely created a strong catalogue of exciting rock’n’roll songs that took them as far afield as Brazil, New York (inc. BP Fallon’s Death Disco NYC) and Austin Texas for South By Southwest (SXSW 2009)

Dirtblonde will release a new, double A side online single on 19th April 2010, featuring new songs ‘Brooklyn’ and ‘White Horses’. The single will also be available on a limited-edition cassette tape format, with exclusive extra songs.


“ have never listened to such unabashed bile of pure rock’n’roll scuzz since we’ve last put on Jesus and Mary Chain’s Psychocandy ‘Never Understand’. Dirtblonde roll around in drugged-up punk rock fuck you noise like they are the last rock’n’roll gang in town” Alan McGee’s Poptones

“This is what we dream of demos sounding like – scuzzy, raw, and seemingly built upon total and utter boredom with everything. Dirtblonde are a two-sword rock’n’roll traincrash and we like them a lot.” The Stool Pigeon

“Delicious rock’n’roll but still essential trashy punk rock. Beautiful.” LostMusic

“Far more abrasive intent than any NYC wannabe… you don’t have a Jack and Meg, you have more of Sid & Nancy meets natural born killers Mickey and Mallory. Lovely” ManchesterMusic Website

“It rocks, in a slightly unsettling, horrible way. “I’m So Tired” would sound at home on “Psychocandy” by the Jesus and Mary Chain. My advice, don’t play this record whilst on a comedown – the combination of the fuzzy, stripped-down guitar and someone repeatedly singing “I’m so tired/I’m so tired/Something Something” will probably tip you over the edge. For such a horrible-sounding song it also bounces along quite nicely.”

“Their description: ‘This is Rock’n’Roll’.  Our view:  they could be right. [the songs] ooze with character. This kind of demo fills a void that label-released music can’t: only a nutter would release it, but it’s the kinda raw shit that we all need to hear” The Stool Pigeon

” ‘The Hangmen’ is a superb bit of paranoid art-rock fuzz that realises the potential shown in their scatty early demo’s. There’s an entire soap opera behind this release (“the [record company] boss had a car crash, lost his car and almost died and ever since he’s been all weird and pissy” Ivan.), culminating in a very unamicable record label split, followed by a tour of Brazil (like you do). This single is wonderfully produced, raw, energetic and promises hangmen at your door coming to get you. Shades of Jesus & Mary Chain, early Nirvana, Mclusky.”

“Continuing the grand tradition of sleaze-punk merchants like The Voidoids and The Jesus And Mary Chain…” The Fly magazine

“Dirtblonde make a delicious racket. Fuzzy, scuzzy, bluesy, bruisy, loud and proud in equal measure. They were seperated at birth from the Kills and the Raveonettes are possibly their older sister. Theirs is the sound of breaking glass, of petrol, of late night walks in the city, of anger, of noise. It’s a glorious cocktail of glam, punk (New York not London), blues and the Velvet Underground. In an ideal world Dirtblonde would be on the cover of Heat and Paris Hilton would be washing dishes in hotels.” The Devil Has The Best Tuna

“A delicious slab of nasty rock scuzz… it’s the sound of motorcycle crashes, of bruised eyes, of existential rage and a yearning for glamour in a grey world” Kitten Painting Fanzine

Full Review from The Mag website:

“Dirtblonde are playing a white-noise punk rock sound that is innovative, spikey and (as their name suggests) incredibly dirty. Following their rather public split from their record company, the band’s been receiving plenty of attention and it’s easy to see why.

“There are a couple of cornerstones to the potential success of this particular record. The first of these has to be the punk-style controversy inspired publicity that can’t do anything but help the reputation of a band such as this.

“Second is the intense guitar style of Ivan Hell which will be familiar to Drugstore fans, but for everyone else, involves an overdriven mid-range throaty noise that sounds like it’s ripping the speakers in half.

“The third key element is the combined bass guitar and vocal style of Lula Blue, who sounds like a cross between Deborah Harry and Wendy James after an overdose.

“Finally, there is a decent collection of material, with ‘The Hangmen’ being the better recording of the three and also probably the better song with Dee Dee the drum machine kicking out a respectable beat while the bass lends reality to the surreal guitar sounds. All this is topped off with a hooky riff and crazy blurred verse and chorus mix.

“‘Superfan’ and ‘I’m Tired’ are even grittier demo recordings that capture a muffled indication of what ‘The Hangman’ belts out.

“If you took all the deranged and distorted parts out of this recording, you’d be left with complete silence. However, despite the insanity of it all, the end result is as satisfying as it gets.

“A must for fans of unusual punk rock music.” The Mag website