Dirtblonde’s Liverpool Music Week Gig @ The Masque Goes Down A Storm!

Dirtblonde’s Liverpool Music Week gig at The Masque, supporting Bombay Bicycle Club, was a classic for the band.

Dirtblonde at The Masque, Liverpool Music Week 2009

After The Sand Band had the pull out, the organisers moved Dirtblonde up on the bill, as the main support act for the Bombay Bicycle Club boys.

The venue was packed and, perhaps unsurprisingly, nothing could prepare the audience  for the “Dirtblonde experience”! After all, the Liverpool Music Week indie crowds attending a nice, clean Bombay Bicycle Club gig were not necessarily the types who’d enjoy a Sonic Youth/ Jesus & Mary Chain-style rock’n’roll onslaught!

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photos (c) Too Funky

First song, a new one called White Horses, seemed to leave the audience speechless. Literally – as soon as the song ended, after a barrage of guitars and weird tape echo oscillations, we were met with stunned silence.

Well, what can we do? It’s fashionable to say you are influenced by Jesus And Mary Chain or dance to Sonic Youth’s Kool Thing, or wear a Ramones t-shirt you bought from Topshop…but as soon as a band actually sounds as raw, loud and fucked-up as those bands did at their best, people are just not used to it!


(c) Too Funky

Not to say Dirtblonde’s set didn’t go down well – it went down pretty well…and as usual the band split the audience: a few “boos”, some cheers, some excited teen girls, photographers tapping along to our songs…the whole lot!

“That’s how it works – if you like us, you clap. If you don’t like us – fuck off.”

Some shitty little bands the NME likes are there to entertain the indie audiences…we are here to give you an experience. Like it or not. Remember that thing, ROCK AND ROLL?

Check more pics from The Masque gig at Too Funky’s Dirtblonde set (thanks!)

Ah! We also just found a cool pic of Ivan almost hitting the photographer with his Epiphone Wilshire…check it out!

Dirtblonde Setlist @ The Masque:

  • White Horses
  • Brooklyn
  • The Hangmen
  • Superfan
  • His Name
  • Pretty

If you missed Dirtblonde @ The Masque, check our next gig for Liverpoool Music Week, at MOJO, on Tuesday 10th November – FREE ENTRY!

Dirtblonde gig at MOJO for Liverpoool Music Week...come!

Dirtblonde gig at MOJO for Liverpoool Music Week…come!