More Dirtblonde-ness For You.

Here’s a quick round-up of Dirtblonde-related news that has appeared on the web recently…

Dirtblonde at Emo's Annex, SXSW 2009 (photo:

Dirtblonde at Emo's Annex, SXSW 2009 (photo:

A New Band A Day

Refreshingly, it’s always nice to hear from people who  actually “get” Dirtblonde, such as the good folk at website, who highlighted Dirtblonde late in March. A good thing to see in the comedown from the South By Southwest high!
“[ dirtblonde] know the truth in unassailable Rock ‘N’ Roll Fact #1: a loud guitar is better than a quiet one.”

Another cool quote:

“Listening to Call It Art, it occurred to me that I could barely remember the last time I heard a song where a chunky guitar and vocals were the only sounds to trouble the listener …in a time when even the newest, greenest bands equate good ‘production values’ with success, this is welcome respite indeed.” read full article here

Ye Wei Blog

“…sad to say, their showcase set of this UK duo with a drum machine was painfully brief (20 minutes??) but the part that I did catch was great, catchy drone rock. Hope they come back soon and do longer sets.”  Ye Wei Blog

Dirtblonde did a Q&A with the well-known Liverpool magazine/website, talking about South By Southwest 2009 and other things.

“Not many bands in this city could be described as having true punk energy. Dirtblonde are one. Not falling into any traps of the poseur or pastiche, Ivan and Lula are the real deal: scuzz-loving, gritty noiseniks, with a live show that will floor you. Raw power, if you like…” read feature here