Dirtblonde gig at SXSW 2009: “Awesome” set ends in E.R.

Dirtblonde brought some true punk rock energy to South By Southwest, at a gig that many punters described as “awesome”. The band was most certainly the Liverpool music highlight of the festival.

The band played to a really good crowd. The venue helped – the Emo’s Annex tent, where acts such as The Asteroids Galaxy Tour and Little Boots also played, the previous nights.

The sound was really good and loud,  and Dirtblonde’s juggernaut of rock’n’roll noise certainly sounded louder and more radical than most acts at the festival.

Dirtblonde onstage at Emo’s Annex

By the end of the gig, declarations of love for Lula, and the most heard description was “awesome”.

Not that everything  was so swell…Ivan smashed a bottle on his guitar at the end of Dirtblonde’s set, and accidentally slashed his hand. The stage and his gear were splattered with blood, and Dirtblonde’s South By Southwest adventures ended up at the local hospital’s E.R. where Ivan received 6 stitches.
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